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Since Wordle can only be played once per day, unofficial versions of the game have been created to help satisfy fans' hunger for even more fun puzzles. If you're a member of the BTS ARMY, you'll be happy to hear there's a BTS Wordle that works exactly like the original game, but with an interesting twist.

While you still have to correctly guess a five-letter word within six tries, the words in BTS Wordle all have to do with BTS. For example, you could guess the words "Dream" or "Skool," because they have to do with the group's music. Another big difference between BTS Wordle and the original game is that when you guess a letter in the right place, the box turns purple instead of green. Why purple? Because it's BTS's official color, of course!

If you ever find yourself stuck on your sixth try and don't want to ruin your streak on BTS Wordle, here are over 100 five-letter BTS words that could give you a hint at today's BTS Wordle answer.

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