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About Duotrigordle

Duotrigordle is a game that can be played in two ways. Duotrigordle is a type of game is played in practice mode several times per day, or even daily in the challenge mode. There are 37 chances to figure out 32 words in the game.

The game is very basic and has become a hit because of its simplicity. However, it’s extremely difficult to figure out in this scenario. Since you have only 37 chances to complete the task, there’s no requirement to install the game since it’s free. Duotrigordle is a 32-grid game where you focus solely on making a guess within the space of two or three attempts.

The game is easy to learn at first however it gets more challenging as you advance. With time you’ll discover this game simple. You can play the game any time. Both challenge and practice modes are accessible within the game. You can play as often as you want in the practice mode. And every 5 minutes in competition mode you’ll have the chance to start a new game.

How to play

Mouse or tap to move letters around the sides.

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