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Sedecordle is becoming a trending topic with a series of articles sharing results, or tips. The internet has a lot of games similar to contexto, you can find many different versions to play and solve daily puzzles.
This is one such Wordle variant that was recently released, allowing you to solve many Wordle puzzles at once. The thing that makes it different is the difficulty level. Players guess 16 different five-letter words simultaneously. let's learn how to play and find the reason it is harder wordle.

What is Sedecordle?

This is a word puzzle game, the player has to find the secret word. You could say this game is the mightiest Wordle alternative. While the player's task on Wordle is only to guess a word with 5 significant letters and is allowed to guess 6 times, Sedecordle on the other hand, tasks you with finding 16 mysterious 5-letter words. Players find that 16 mysterious words are not easy so the game is one of the most difficult words puzzle games now. You get a total of 21 tries when trying to guess all 16 words. When you type in each word and press Enter, the letters in the correct position and in the answer will be green; letters in the answer but in the wrong place will be displayed in yellow and the wrong letters will be gray. So, you will be restricted from using the available letters as you progress in the game.

Where to play Sedecordle?

You can play by visiting the website: sedecordle
How to play?
- After opening the game you will see 2 options daily and free. New players can choose the free play mode to familiarize themselves with the rules and find tips to play faster. If you understand the game, you select daily mode to play the daily puzzle and new puzzles will be updated daily.
- You type the letters of the word you guess then press enter to know the result. The color of the letters will indicate the exact position of the letter.
- If the cell becomes green, that letter is in the right place and is in the hidden words. If the cell becomes yellow, it is in the hidden words but in the wrong place. Incorrectly defined letters will not change color.
For the guess MOVIE:

The top left word has the M and E in the wrong spot and the I in the correct spot.
The top right word has the O in the wrong spot and the M in the correct spot.
- You have 21 tries to find 16 mysterious words to complete the game's mission.
- Invalid words will be red.
- After 21 guesses, there will be a list of results, you can share them if you want.

Sedecordle Tips and Tricks

- Puzzle board easily switches between puzzles by tapping the numbers on the screen, if you want to know the position of the 3rd puzzle then click on the number 3 on that puzzle board on the screen.
- Most words have one or more vowels, understanding these vowels correctly will help find the rest of the words.
- After each try, check how many yellow and blue are there to find 16 mysterious words in the fastest way.

Too hard for you?

Well, solving 16 puzzles in 21 tries is not easy but it will increase excitement every time you complete the task. People who like brainstorming will love this game if you want to find an easier game you can play games like:
- Dordle
- Tridle
- Quordle



How to play

Guess all sixteen wordles in 21 tries.

Each guess must be a valid 5-letter word.

Hit the enter button to submit.

After each guess, the color of the tiles will change to show how close your guess was to the word.

The blue-letter is in the word and in the correct spot.

The yellow-letter is in the word but in the wrong spot.

The back-letters are not in the word in any spot.

You can play the original at Wordle

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