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About Kilordle

Kilordle - a word game similar to Wordle, you play multiple Wordle games at once while applying each guess to its own game. After successfully completing each Wordle game, you win.

You don't have to guess the precise word for any of the individual games in this amazing game. It is sufficient if you guess words with the correct letter placements. You are free to make as many guesses as you like. If the word for one of the individual games is "CARTS," for instance, and you correctly guess "CAtch" and then "foRTS," that particular game will be solved because you correctly identified a word with C as its first letter, A as its second letter, R as its third letter, etc.

You can play Kilordle by simply typing a string of words that includes every word in the dictionary.

How to play

Using mouse or keyboard


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