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Word Jungle is an HTML5 word search game. You will be given a list of words and you need to find all the hidden words by connecting them, horizontally or vertically. Sounds easy? 

This one is an HTML5 word connect game with a twist. You must collect as many words as possible from the letters given to you. Sounds easy? You’ll need to think carefully about which words you can make from the letters provided because there are consequences for every word you use. If you don’t collect enough words, your hunter will lose energy and eventually die of starvation. 

This one is a new HTML5 puzzle game. The objective of this challenging word game is to connect the matching letter tiles by exploring the jungle and collecting different words. In each level, you need to find all hidden words and use them to create a phrase. It will be more difficult as you progress through the game because there are more letters, less time, and more tiles to cover up! 

This amazing game is an HTML5 word search game with a twist. You need to link the words together to create a hidden jungle scene. The difficulty increases after every level. 

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