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Word Duel is a word game where you need to use your smarts to beat your opponents. You have to come up with the most suitable word for each of the four categories. This will keep your opponents stumped, and ensure that you always stay one step ahead of them. This amazing game is played in teams, so get ready for some friendly rivalry! Once you start playing, you’ll quickly get addicted to this fast-paced game that requires strategy as much as it does quick thinking. You also lose track of time as you play – perfect if you’re looking for a way to while away a few spare minutes – and best of all, there are no strict rules so everyone can join in. In This game, there are four different categories: Word Books, Similes and Metaphors, Idioms (for those who know what an idiomatic expression is), and Dirty Words (which means that only dirty words should be used). The opponents have ten seconds to think up the best answer for each category. However, they can only use one word from their dictionary per round.

Forget about all those dull word games. This amazing game is a unique word game that challenges your mind. The objective of the game is to amass points by creating as many words as possible from a limited set of letter tiles. The catch? To complete a word, you must use letters from other words in the crossword. For example, if you have the letters A and H in your hand, you cannot just add them for completing the word AH; instead, you must join another word with A in it AD to form ADHECATE meaning to combine and make something more from something else. Essentially, there are two ways to increase your score: making longer words or using prefixes and suffixes with other words. 

Enjoy this funny and challenging word game! Word Duel is a multiplayer word puzzle game with an exciting twist. It will test your vocabulary, precision, and speed as you try to beat your friends in classic or asynchronous crossword mode. But beware, the faster you answer, the more points you lose. The goal of this game is to clear all the tiles from the board by using as few words as possible. Words can be either adjacent diagonally or vertically adjacent. The first player to use all their available words and make sure none of their opponents can do that wins. You also have the help of spelling assistance from Google if you get stuck on a word or two! This app is based on crossword puzzles so it’s no surprise that it appeals greatly to both puzzle fans and word players alike. 

This game is a multiplayer word puzzle game for all spellbound readers. It has a huge library of words and strategic puzzles designed to test your vocabulary, logic, and spelling skills. The best part? It's free! Start playing now by downloading the game from Google Play Store or App Store. This one is a multiplayer word puzzle game for all spellbound readers. It has a huge library of words and strategic puzzles designed to test your vocabulary, logic, and spelling skills. 

Join a worldwide community of over 2 million players in this fast-paced word game! Battle other players from across the globe while simultaneously solving challenging word puzzles. Join now and begin your quest to become the Word Wizard! Will you be able to conquer other players’ letters, avoid deadly traps, and outsmart cunning enemies? Your answer will determine your fate as you journey through this epic fantasy.

How to play

Controls Hold the left mouse button to move the letters.

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