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Witch Crossword ! With only 5 letters in each clue, there is not much wriggle room! If you can finish it quickly and get all the answers right then maybe you’ll have what it takes to crack our other puzzles too. Give it a go and test your vocabulary, knowledge, and speed.

Are you a witch or a fairy? Use your wits to cross the scary world of witches, fairies, and potions! This one is an elegant word search game with a spooky twist. Get ready for a night of puzzles and hidden meanings as you discover the wonderful world of witches. In this hyper-casual word search game, you will travel through seven locations with different characters and objects. Each location has 25 words that must be found by exploring every corner of each screen.

Looking for a word game that’s as creepy as it is challenging? Look no further than This one. This brand new word puzzle game from Hyper Casual Games boasts 150 unique puzzles, multiple difficulty modes, and a spooky aesthetic sure to keep you coming back for more. With the increasing popularity of word games and their many variations, we expect this one to stick around for quite some time! 

Are you a word-wizard with a knack for crosswords? Are you also a witch aficionado in search of a new challenge? If so, look no further: the Witch Crossword is just what you need! Each clue in this mind-bending puzzle asks you to identify different witches and their spells. 


How to play

- Swipe to select a word to find.
- Click on the letters to make the right word.
- Use Hints when needed.


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