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Typing Test is a typing game that tests your speed, accuracy, and spelling. You have to type the word that appears on the card as fast as you can. As you progress, it gets harder and new types of cards will appear. In Typing Test, there are three modes: Relaxed test, Time attack, and Score Attack. A relaxed test is an easy way to get used to the game; it doesn’t require you to avoid any words. There is no time limit or score limit in this mode—you can make mistakes and try again until you get it right. The other two modes are for people who want more challenge: Time attack gives limited time to finish your typing test; in Score attack, the cards start appearing faster than before so it’s harder to keep up with them so you can finish typing them quicker than before. 

Do you like typing? Do you love word games? If your answer is yes to both of these questions, then you will probably like Typing Fighter. This game is a typing game. In this game, you are required to type words as fast as possible to defeat the computer and other players. Typing skills are a must-have for any player who loves playing word games and wants to improve their vocabulary. With each passing day, typing becomes more difficult because players need to learn new words and spellings that can appear in new forms every day. If you have difficulty typing words fast, then this game will help you achieve that goal. It has lots of different challenges for typists of all levels so there's something for everyone!

Typing is a fast-paced word game where you test your typing skills and spelling ability against skillful opponents. Type the word that appears on the screen as quickly as possible. Don’t worry if you make a mistake – just press the backspace button to erase and start again. Play against our computer-controlled players or challenge other players from around the world. Type as fast as you can to unlock new typing challenges. Be careful, though! Your opponents won’t be so forgiving, as they have been trained by professional typists to give their best at every moment.

Typing is an Adventure game where you must type as fast as possible to defeat an army of computerized enemies. The game takes place in a futuristic world, inhabited by cybernetic people called “Fighters”. Your typing skills are the only thing that can save humanity from this digital menace! The game has several different modes, each one requiring a different strategy and typing style: Challenge (Single Player), Typing Classroom (Online with Friends), and Campaign (Single Player). You can unlock new characters by getting achievements or buying them with in-game currencies.

Typing is a fun word game that requires quick fingers and good observation skills. It requires you to type the words as they appear on the screen. If you are a mobile gamer, then typing games like this one are great for killing time. 

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