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Swordmaiden is an action-packed RPG with a unique visual style and challenging gameplay. You play as a female warrior who has been chosen to become the new guardian of the old sword that stands in your village. The sword has been protecting it for ages by driving away evil spirits. However, recently they have become more frequent and stronger, so you need to step up and protect the sword. Your main task is to defeat waves of enemies while gaining experience points, collecting coins and unlocking new abilities. There are 4 types of enemies you need to be aware of: weak red ghosts that can only hurt you if you let them get too close; blue ghosts that can freeze you; fast green ghosts that can attack you from afar; purple ghosts that can split into smaller purple ghosts when hit; yellow skeletons that can shoot fireballs at you; and big bosses with purple or yellow glowing eyes.

Swordmaiden is an online anime-inspired multiplayer third-person action game with a focus on fast-paced melee combat and team cooperation. The game takes place in a fantasy world inspired by Norse mythology, where you fight together with your friends against horrifying monsters as one of three female fighters: the valkyrie, the sword maiden, and the witch. You can choose between several different character classes and specializations, which all have their own strengths and weaknesses.

This game is a side-scrolling action/adventure with role-playing game elements. You play as Ceryne, a swordmaiden sent on a quest to defeat the undead and save her people. You explore different locations with caves, forests, castles, etc., and fight enemies in fast-paced battles using swords, axes, maces, etc. You can find armor upgrades and various weapons to defeat the enemy. 

Swords and sorcery, princesses and dragons, brave heroes and monster-slaying Everyone know the tale. 

How to play

Using Mouse. Movement: WASD Attack: LMB - available from 1 player level E + LMB - available from 1 player level R + LMB - available from 1 player level Q + LMB - available from 1 player level 1 + LMB - available from 10 player level.


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