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In this game, you are a ninja whose mission is to beat all the other ninjas! We know that sounds like a very boring game but trust us, this game is anything but boring. The gameplay is very simple with just one tap on the screen to attack and another tap to defend. This might seem like a very easy game, but trust us you will get frustrated easily. It’s not that the AI is too good or too hard; it’s just that the controls are so sensitive that even the smallest delay in the reaction can make you lose your life. You see, there’s a catch here, every time you take damage from an enemy their sword changes color from Yellow to Red and vice versa. 

Welcome to the world of Sword Master! The legendary sword master is not just a swordsman. He also has command over five elements - fire, water, earth, light, and dark. He protects the balance by keeping these elements in check. Darkness threatens that balance, and it’s up to you to restore it! This game is inspired by Japanese culture and features Ninja as protagonists rather than enemies. Users can choose between two difficulty modes – Easy or Normal. If you like other hyper-casual games such as Slashy Souls or Hyper Samurai, you’ll love this one too because of its beautifully minimalist graphics and simple mechanics suitable for anyone who’s looking for an easy game.

Are you ready to become the next Sword Master? The game is simple, yet challenging. You need to train with a sword and protect your red target from the incoming blue swords. There are multiple game modes, from Classic mode in which you need to reach a certain score or hit a certain amount of targets before ending the round. Or you can play Time Mode where you have a limited time to hit as many targets as possible. In this hyper-casual action-adventure game, your mission is simple: Train with your sword and protect your target from incoming blue swords by tapping on them at the right moment to block them. 

Hypercasual games are all about speed and simplicity. This new genre of video games focuses on fast-paced gameplay, with a strong emphasis on user retention. Hypercasual games take the idea of “easy to learn, hard to master” to a whole new level. Read on for more information about hypercasual gaming and how you could use this trend to your advantage in your next game design.

Hypercasual is an emerging game category that packs a lot of challenges into a tiny time commitment. In this article, we’ll explore what makes a game hypercasual, and examples of games in this space.

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