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About Swiftle

Swiftle is a precious homage to Taylor Swift and inspired by Wordle & Heardle” reads the first lines of the game description. While the iconic Wordle gave birth to Taylordle, a word-based guessing game, it simply wasn't enough to please Swifties across the globe.

Enter Sparsh Tyagi, a self-proclaimed Swiftie, and a software engineering student who also attends Techyonic. Frustrated at not having a music-based Taylor Swift Wordle, he created one himself. And boom, Swiftle was born!

The game challenges Swifties everywhere to test their expertise when it comes to pop star records.

Given that Taylor Swift has one of the most loyal followers and her fans are known for streaming her songs for days, Swiftle is the ultimate test for a Swiftie.
If you are used to Wordle or Heardle, you will have no problem playing Swiftle. It works on the same principle of heuristics. You'll have to identify Taylor Swift's song in as few attempts as possible. But if you are not familiar with such games, don't worry. We'll walk you through all the basics and get you on your way.

While Swiftie with no self-respect would try to trick them into winning, for the rest of us, identifying every single Taylor Swift song is completely impossible. In that case, one could just play the clip on your laptop, while opening any song recognition app on your phone. This can help them balance work in your favor.

How to play

Use Mouse.

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