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About Redactle

There are already more Wordle copies than people in the world, yet Redactle may be the greatest option for the new format.

It will appeal to anyone who likes being lost in the Wikipedia wormhole since it forces you to read a Wikipedia article that has been word for word changed until you identify the subject.

Redactle may offer you keywords like "of," "the," and "in," but you're still a little unsteady at first. It's also unclear what words to assume at first because you don't know the topic—just it's one of Wikipedia's 10,000 "essential" pages.

When you play a word, a count of how many times it appears in the article—if it is in the article—appear on the right side of the screen. Naturally, it is also displayed on the page, allowing you to begin reading entire lines and gaining hints as to what else to infer. It is convenient to have the option to access each instance by clicking on a word in the list.


How to play

Use Mouse.

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