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It’s time to collect those balls again! Do you like the “catch the ball” games? We have a brand new one for you! In Puzzle Balls, you will have to catch the colored balls in their matching jars. Sounds easy, but it won’t be as simple as it looks. There are plenty of obstacles and challenges awaiting you! It is much more than just another catching game. It offers an exciting adventure with 40 levels, each with a different combination of tricks and traps. 

Puzzle Balls is a one button HTML5 game where you control several balls with the same mouse click to navigate them through different obstacle courses. The left ball is red, the middle blue, and the right green. Each ball has a different weight and properties that come into play in this game. Use your mouse to click on any of the three buttons above to start playing. Once you have selected a button it changes color to indicate that you are locked into that choice. 

Let’s try to clear the path and get the ball to the end of the level. Sounds easy? You will need all your concentration and logic skills to succeed! This labyrinth is full of traps and hidden pitfalls… But no worries, you can simply explore the different levels and find out how to get through them, right? It won’t be that easy! Each level has its own tricks, so you must be very attentive while traversing it. 

Let’s play with the Puzzle Balls! The goal of the game is simple – get the ball to exit through the hole. Sounds easy? Well, we will see about that… There are many ways to do it. 

Five different colored balls on a maze. Your task is to find the red ball and bring it to the red exit box. Sounds easy, but the maze is packed with obstacles and there is only one button available to you. 

How to play

Controls Left click to drop balls.

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