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In Picword, you must decipher the word by looking at its image, not the word itself. You can only see a fragment of the word; for example, just seeing the first three letters of a word and the last three letters. Use your creativity to figure out which word it is! This game will test your visual vocabulary and ability to make logical connections between seemingly unrelated images. 

Kids Picword Puzzles is an educational and entertaining word puzzle game for kids. The game is easy to play, you just need to find the right word associated with the picture given. There are more than 150 puzzles in 5 different difficulty levels for kids of all ages (6 - 10 years old). This game will not only train your kid’s logical thinking but also help them build their vocabulary and reading comprehension skills. 

Picsword Puzzles is an awesome new word puzzle game that's fun for all ages! The game strings together pictures of words with no spaces, so you need to figure out what they all begin with.

Are you ready for a challenge? If so, Picword will be perfect for you! This educational word game is great and challenging at the same time. You have to find hidden words in scrambled pictures.

^^ Picsword is a brand new word and logic game that will test your observation skills, logical thinking, and reading speed. 

How to play

Use mouse or touch to play this game.


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