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Numbers Crossed is a minimalist, simple and addictive logic puzzle game. You can play it anywhere and anytime!

Cross Numbers is a fast-paced, extremely easy to play, and highly addictive game of logic. It’s perfect for anyone who likes crossword puzzles or word games in general. We’ve all played games like this before, but Cross Numbers adds a new twist on the classic formula by putting you against the clock. As you complete more and more puzzles, you’ll earn special rewards and even extra lives to keep playing longer. 

Crosswords, Sudoku, and other logic puzzles are great for keeping the mind sharp. But they can get old after a while. This is why so many new puzzle games have flooded the market in recent years. Thinking about logic puzzles isn’t challenging enough? How about combining two of your favorite pastimes into one exciting hybrid? 

Crossed Numbers is an exciting new hyper casual board logic game. It’s easy to learn and perfect for any time you have 5 minutes to spare. The challenging gameplay will help you train your brain and improve concentration.

Numbers Crossed is a hyper-casual logic puzzle game. It consists of 100 different puzzles that get progressively more challenging as you progress. No timers, no stress, just a straightforward and chilled-out experience. 

How to play

Using Mouse. This game is a mix of crosswords and a puzzle. Instead of playing with words, you will play with numbers.


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