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Mixed Words is an arcade word-matching game. You have to find and select all words containing the same hidden keyword. It sounds easier than it is. With only seconds on the clock, you must be fast and smart! In Mixed Word, you will encounter different types of challenges. Find the given keyword in a list of mixed words; Choose the correct answer among four possible answers; Or complete a phrase by selecting one word from three given options. Each puzzle has its own set of rules and trickery that you need to discover and exploit. 

Are you ready to test your vocabulary and spell-checker at the same time? Then this challenging word game is for you! This one will put your language knowledge to the test. Challenge yourself to find as many words as possible from a combination of three given letters. Use all possible combinations and rack your brain until you crack the code! Let’s get started...

In This amazing game, you’ll have to find and circle the words that are made from other words. For example, if you see the word “carrot” and it has a “c-a-r” suffix, circle those letters! You can play this game in your browser or on your mobile.

It’s a mixture of two different words. You need to find the correct word from the choices given. You have to be fast and smart! Otherwise, you’ll lose points. 

In This game, you have to find the pair of matching characters. There will be a mix of three types of words in every level: Synonyms, Antonyms, and Mixed words. 

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