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Match Pictures To Words game is a fun and educational way to help your child learn their letters, spelling, and

Match your way through the wild and whimsical world of Word on the Wild. Help the animals find their correct homes, by solving challenging puzzles with beautiful images and tricky word problems. Each animal has hidden words in its speech bubble – find them all to advance to the next level. You’ll need to be observant and strategic to uncover these sneaky vocabulary words! Explore an exotic rainforest, populated with adventurous animals that love learning new things. From a charming capuchin monkey named Camilla, to a clever red panda named Rufus; you’ll meet all sorts of fun creatures as you navigate this impressive new world. But beware – there’s also a troublesome hyena lurking somewhere in this jungle who doesn’t like being left out of things!

Word Match is a fun and educational game for kids! Test your vocabulary knowledge by finding the matching word between two images. Great for home, school, and parties! This game features 25 levels of difficulty with 200 unique images. Each level has a different set of animal images and words to find. You must be able to recognize the words based on the image given in order to advance to the next level. - Simple gameplay that anyone can understand quickly! - Statistics show you how well or poorly you have played so far. - Cool visual effects while playing, keeping you entertained! - An end-of-level boss fight that requires thinking outside the box! 

Warm-up your thinking cap, and get ready to exercise that vocabulary! In this challenging hidden word game, you must match words with their definitions. Read each clue carefully, and you should be able to identify the correct answer. 

This family-friendly word search game is great for kids of all ages. There are three modes to play – easy, medium, and hard. However difficult you set it, though, you’ll be itching to start as soon as you finish reading.

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