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About Idle Monkeylogy

Idle Monkeylogy is an incremental upgrade word game. Upgrade your monkey and the world around it while you play. This one is an incremental upgrade word game. Upgrade your monkey and the world around it while you play. The goal is to make your monkey as happy as possible, unlocking new buildings and resources as you go along. There’s no time limit, so take your time and explore every corner of the island! This amazing game Features -3 different upgrades for your monkey that unlocks new buildings-Randomly generated island that changes day by day-Upgradeable buildings that provides access to new resources and unlocks new upgrades-Randomly generated upgrades to keep things interesting!

This amazing game is a new incremental upgrade word game similar to other games like Cookie Clicker, Clicker Heroes, and so on. However, it has its own style. You play as an Idle Monkey who just sits in his tree, eating fruits and sleeping all day long. So the concept of this incremental upgrade game is to upgrade your monkey’s skills, from swinging from branch to branch, hitting the same fruit 100 times over again, and so on until you get the best result possible. 

Word games are a dime-a-dozen — you play a few of them and they start to feel the same. But sometimes they’re so unique that they just can’t be replicated or copied. That’s where new titles come in. Incremental games offer a new take on old genre staples. They don’t reinvent the wheel; instead, they add their own little spin to keep things fresh and interesting.

In Monkeylogy you play as a simian engineer who is taking a break from building endless space highways and instead decides to build an idle game for the primates. Over time, your idle monkey simulation will grow and evolve with new upgrades, games, types of simians, etc.

How to play

Using Mouse. Type the button, complete words, collect money, and hire more monkeys to get words more efficiently!

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