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Do you like puzzle games? It’s time to test your logical thinking skills with Kingdom of Heroes: The Puzzle RPG. In this kingdom, heroes are trained from childhood to face evil in the name of goodness and justice. They are called as heroes for a reason – they don’t just have physical strength, but also a ton of courage and nobility of character. In Kingdom of Heroes, there will be 4 seasons that run concurrently. These seasons represent the four corners of the world where it is always springtime (Celestial Season). During these 4 seasons, the kingdom also runs training camps for young heroes who aspire to grow up to be stalwart defenders of the realm. You can join one of these training camps anytime you want. However, only those who pass all 3 phases will become full-fledged members and receive their corresponding rewards once they return home (Civilian Season). 

A young hero must travel to many different kingdoms and fight evil, in order to save the princess from the dark wizard. Help the brave knight overcome all of the obstacles that stand between him and rescue his love. Explore mysterious ruins full of traps and hidden passageways as you try to locate objects or unlock secret rooms. Use your skill and logic to solve puzzles in each level and reach the final boss at the end. You will need to use all of your wits and skills if you hope to succeed! Are you up for an adventure? Then play this amazing game right away! Relaxing with a nice game is always fun so why don’t you give it a try? Have fun with this new puzzle game that we prepared for you today. 

This is a challenging game where you need to solve different puzzles. You will play as the brave hero and your main objective is to save the princess from the dragon & break the curse. There are two dragons in this game, one is friendly and the other is evil. The evil dragon has trapped the princess in his den and he wants to sacrifice her for his wife. The puzzles will appear from time to time which can be easily solved by using logic. You need to think logically with each new puzzle appearing on your screen. 

The evil Lich has imprisoned the princess in a castle dungeon. The king has sent you to free her from captivity. You must find the key to unlock the door and enter the room before time runs out! In this hidden object game, you will need your wits, sharp eye, and a quick mind to succeed. First, you will have to find useful items and solve clever puzzles that can help you reach your goal faster. 

A princess has been taken prisoner by the evil wizard, who plans to sacrifice her to a demonic god so he can become powerful. Therefore, it is up to you, a brave and valiant warrior, to venture into the depths of the wizard’s fortress and rescue her. 

How to play

Touch pins to control.


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