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About Framed

Framed is an independent puzzle game that was created by Loveshack and released by Noodlecake Studios Inc. It has received a lot of praise from the gaming community and the pickiest critics. Currently available on PC and mobile devices, gamers may simply play the game during Steam's Summer Sale for unexpectedly low pricing.

The puzzle role-playing games that players have previously played will be radically different from Framed. By closely watching each action, players will notice that the main character resembles a robber and is carrying out a covert task. The game's gameplay is likewise relatively straightforward, requiring players to just steer the main character away from the police's pursuit.

The narrative of Framed is totally determined by the player's decisions. Gamers may thus experiment with a variety of outcomes and reflect more on their decisions and subsequent effects. Framed earns credit for its engaging choice-action gameplay and for its user interface, which arranges the tale excerpts like old-school DC superhero comics.

In addition, the music in Framed leaves the largest effect in addition to the intricate images. Jazz music in particular has greatly influenced the character's spirit in each choice made by players in the game.

How to play

Use Mouse.

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