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Perfect if you like to fish, or know someone who does! In this new version of the popular Fishing Frenzy game, you have to catch as many fish as possible in three minutes. Three different locations, numerous fish, and a lot of fun – all this awaits you in Fishing Frenzy 2! This sequel is much more challenging than the original game; it’ll tax your brain and frustrate you at first but keep coming back for more until you get your strategy right. You must use different bait and catch the correct fish before the time runs out. Each correct answer gives you 20 seconds of bonus time and an opportunity to catch another fish. Answer incorrectly and lose valuable seconds. 

Hey there! Fishermen everywhere are going nuts over this exciting new fishing game. Are you ready to sink your teeth into some virtual fishing action? Test your knowledge of words and help these fishers by spelling out the correct answers as fast as you can. Let's see if you have what it takes to catch the big fish in this word-filled fishing frenzy because you’ll need fast reflexes and a good vocabulary if you want to beat this challenge. So get ready for a splash of challenging, hilarious, and addictive fun.

Fishing Frenzy 2 is a word-based fishing game and sequel to the popular Fishing Frenzy! This cute-looking arcade game features a blue fisherman, Billy, who fishes for fish in various bodies of water. But instead of using a rod and reel, he fishes using a word search. In this kid-friendly fishing game, you will reveal hidden words by clicking on them. 

Fishing Frenzy 2 is an exciting Educational Word Search game where your child will learn new words and improve their reading skills at the same time. Practice your word-finding skills by finding all the hidden fishing words in this fun, challenging, and educational fishing adventure. 

^ Fishing Frenzy 2 is a free, fast-paced fishing game with a unique twist. In this game, you have to read the word rather than visualize the fish in your head to catch them. 

How to play

Use touch buttons or game pad or keyboard (arrow keys and space bar) Fishing the correct fish with word.


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