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Draw And Guess is a new drawing game for Android. In this game, you and your opponent will draw strange lines and arrows in front of you simultaneously. From there, you will have to guess what your opponent has drawn. The first one to guess correctly scores points and the loser must go back to the start. So, let’s see who will be the winner in this fun drawing game! How To Play: Draw two lines that intersect at a point. Your opponent then draws two more lines that intersect at a point as well. They ask you to guess which direction they went after they both drew their lines. This can be trickier than it sounds! Draw And Guess is an addictive drawing game with simple rules but challenging gameplay. 

Draw and Guess is a multiplayer drawing game. Draw anything you can think of, from landscapes to animals to buildings, with your friends. Whoever draws the most interesting picture wins! The game is fully featured with In-App Purchases so you won’t have any trouble playing it for as long as you like without spending any money. However, if you'd like to support the developer then feel free to buy some of the in-game currency (gems) through in-app purchases. 

This game is a combination of drawing and guessing. It’s great for everyone to play! At any moment, you can either be drawing or trying to guess what your friend drew. If you draw well and the answer is correct, then you get more points. If not, then it’s not good at all. The game starts off easy and gets harder as the levels go on. 

The draw and Guess game is a unique game for everyone. You’ll love it for sure! The rules are simple, but playing it will be fun. Draw a picture with your finger on the Android device. Whoever draws the best picture is the winner. Features: * Easy to play * Addictive gameplay * No expensive in-app purchases.

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