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If you are a fan of classic games that have been played for decades, then this game is for you. This classic hangman game is similar to the classic checkers and chess games. This classic Hangman game is more challenging than some other apps out there. You will find yourself staying up late trying to beat this app in order to unlock all of the levels. Let’s take a look at how this game The object of the game is to find out who among your friends or family members has been hiding letters in pictures. There are many variations on this popular theme, but essentially you're looking for one player using a series of clues with each letter as they appear. Each time a player reveals their guess, the next person plays by finding that hidden word or phrase with the letters left over from the previous round. See if you can figure out which word or phrase fits in each photo! There are many ways to play this Classic Hangman Game; here are some examples: You can play against your friends (and get them to help too) by adding multiple players, or challenge your family and friends online using Google Play Games (you need to be signed in to your account). 

An addictive classic game that tests your logic, word knowledge, and visual perception. The objective of this game is to guess the hidden letters (that spell a word) before the time runs out. In order to play this game easily, write down the words one by one on paper and keep them in a separate place. Then hang these words on a piece of paper as shown in the image below. This classic Hangman Game is played with a standard pack of 36 pegs with four holes each peg to hang letters vertically on it. The player needs to guess the word by asking questions like “Is it an animal? Is it an insect? Is it an animate or inanimate thing?” If anyone guesses right, he/she gets a point and if anyone fails, he/she loses a point. The first person who manages to score 3 points wins the game! 

The classic Hangman, game, word, and logic puzzle. Play this classic Hangman game you will enjoy a lot. This is the perfect classic hangman game that you can play with your friends as well as family members. It also helps to improve your logical thinking skills and cognitive intelligence. The more you play this game; the higher your chances get to guessing the right letters of a Hangman’s name. Also with each new level, the challenge becomes more and more intense for you to guess the right letters of an alphabet. To sum up, it is a great time pass for all ages! It's one of the best free offline games for Android! 

This is one of the classic games. Find the hidden letters to spell a word or phrase. If you are new to this type of game then you can read Hangman rules and strategies before starting to play against your friends or family members. The app has simple, elegant graphics that make it easy to understand, and the classic Hangman game is played by placing a certain letter in an overhead view that hides all other letters from sight. 

This is one of the oldest games known to mankind. It goes back at least 5000 years and was probably invented in India. The concept is simple — you have to guess words from a list by placing letters in a specific order. If you are looking for some logic revision or just want to challenge your brain, this game is perfect for you! Practice makes perfect! 

How to play

Press left mouse button to choose a word.

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